Cheerful mature couple having fun while eating watermelon during picnic day in nature.

Could You Have Hearing Loss?

If you feel like you’re struggling to connect with your friends and loved ones, it could be because of hearing loss. We can help. Take our quiz to find out more.

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Cheerful mature couple having fun while eating watermelon during picnic day in nature.

Hearing Loss Quiz: Do you Need a Hearing Test?

Many people struggle with hearing loss for years before they even realize it, leaving them frustrated and disconnected. If you think this might be you or a loved one, take this quiz to find out.


    I’ve Never Used a Jackhammer. How Do I Have Hearing Loss?

    It’s an inconvenient truth. Age-related hearing loss affects one in three adults over the age of 65… and it’s not just those over 65 that have to worry. Hearing loss is on the rise across all age groups and demographics. 

    Some people know their hearing loss comes from lifetime exposure to loud sounds, including machinery like jackhammers, tractors, or concert music. If you’re like most people, however, your job never exposed you to loud sounds. So how does hearing loss occur?

    Hearing loss is often caused by exposure to loud noise, but it can also be caused by illness, injury, exposure to toxins, heredity, and other factors. Just because you’ve never worked around a gun range or on an aircraft carrier doesn’t mean that there isn’t damage to the delicate fibers of your inner ear. 

    What Types of Hearing Loss Are There?

    When you come in for a hearing test, we’ll help determine what type of hearing loss you have. Common hearing loss types include:

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    Conductive Hearing Loss:

    This type of hearing loss occurs in the outer or middle ear and is often associated with some type of obstruction. Earwax, ear infections, and anything else blocking sound waves from reaching your inner ear is considered conductive loss. This is usually a temporary type of hearing loss that can be improved with a simple procedure, medicine, or on rare occasions, surgery.

    Sensorineural Hearing Loss:

    This hearing loss occurs in the inner ear, often due to nerve damage. This type of hearing loss is incurable and tends to get worse with time. When people talk about “age-related hearing loss,” they’re usually referring to sensorineural hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is usually treated with hearing aids or a cochlear implant if you’re a candidate.

    Cheerful mature couple having fun while eating watermelon during picnic day in nature.
    Cheerful mature couple having fun on a roller coaster.

    Mixed or Combination Hearing Loss:

    This is when you have a combination of both types of hearing loss. This type may require more than one type of answer, including hearing aids.

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    How Can I Tell if I Have Hearing Loss?

    Hearing loss can develop over time without any pain, making it easy to go unnoticed. Friends, family and coworkers will often notice it before you do.

    If you think you have hearing loss, take the quiz. If the online hearing quiz indicates you have hearing loss, come visit us for a test to see if hearing aids might help.

    You deserve to hear laughter, reconnect with friends and loved ones, and not miss a single thing that happens in your world.