Hearing aid features An illustration to represent hearing aid features

Hearing Aid Features

Many hearing aids offer additional features that can help enhance the functionality and make them easier to use. Here are some of the many additional features hearing aids can have:

Bluetooth Icon

Wireless and Bluetooth

More and more devices are Bluetooth enabled, which means any Bluetooth enabled device such as a phone, sound system, or TV can be connected directly to your hearing aids.

Noise reduction icon

Noise Reduction

All hearing aids have some level of noise reduction, but some are better than others. Some models also offer advanced wind noise reduction, which is helpful if you are in windy or noisy situations.

Microphone icon

Directional Microphones

Many models offer directional microphones on the front and back or side of the hearing aid, which makes the sound coming from in front of you more pronounced. This is helpful if you’re in places with a lot of background noise.

Charging battery icon

Rechargeable Batteries

If you don’t want to deal with purchasing hearing aid batteries, there are some models that are rechargeable. This can save a lot of money and hassle over the lifetime of your hearing aid.

Telecoils icon


Some places such as churches, movie theaters, and others have telecoil technology, that will allow their audio to be broadcast directly into your hearing aids. This can also work with telecoil enabled telephones.

Remote controls icon

Remote Controls

Some hearing aids come with a remote control, so you can adjust features without touching the hearing aid. Some hearing aids also connect wirelessly to a cellphone.

Variable programming icon

Variable Programming

Some hearing aids can store several pre-programmed settings for various listening needs and environments. This will help your hearing aids become more adaptable to different situations like large crowds and soft voices.

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